Sometimes it's the small things that really mean the most. A look...a smile...a wave... an elevator door held open as you dash across the lobby... or even a simple hello can touch me more than a grand gesture. Today I received some simple garden flowers from a distant friend, you might even call them just an acquaintance,  with a simple note saying they were thinking of me. It actually made me tear up a little bit. It's not everyday that I get flowers, especially from someone so far away and removed from my daily life. Actually I don't usually get flowers unless it's a national holiday that society believes I should receive flowers for, or someone is trying to make up for a wrong doing.

For me it was simply the sweetest thing ever and it made my day. I've had a smile on my face all day thanks to a small gesture of kindness. I'll take the small things that are honest and true any day over the big things that are often false in sincerity or hide an ulterior motive.

Thank you to my friend. I wish you a beautiful spring full of happiness.

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