October’s photo challenge Day 14 is best friend…. My husband is my best friend in a sense but he’s not my Bestie, you know? I had a bestie for 11 1/2 years and now I don’t. She flipped her lid and isn’t the same person I once new & loved. I still love her and that’s why it hurts that she’s not my bestie anymore. I can’t do anymore than have to fix what went wrong without compromising my beliefs, and she doesn’t see that anything went wrong on her side. She moved away and I guess that makes it a tad easier because we won’t be together at friends & family functions together but the fact that she doesn’t call or text hurts. And if on the odd occasion we do talk she acts if no feelings have been hurt by her, that it was all my fault. She has turned into one of those people that can do no wrong even if it’s obviously wrong. I’m not perfect, but there’s only so much I can do to make things right.  So I guess ultimately I have failed this challenge by not doing a photo for day 14, but I will still endeavor to post the remaining days

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