Lord above!! I have finally found the blogger gadget that allows people to follow my blog on their blogger dashboards! Just scroll on down to the bottom of the page and click non the blue button labeled "Join this site". 

Let's see who will be the first to join! lol


  1. Me it will be me....................just saying

  2. Ok I tried but it wouldn't let me do it so maybe I will not be first

  3. Okay Jo-Anne, I don't know what the heck it's problem is but I do believe I've got a way around it. You may still be able to be the first to join! Where the gadget is at the bottom of the page you will notice a double square symbol in dark pink. Click on that and it should open up a box/window. In the top right corner, I do believe, is a button to "Follow". When you click on it you should be brought to a window to choose the account you want to follow with. I hope it works, and I hope you're still willing to try. :)